Stop Wasting Your Breath: Bassike Resort

Basically (ha!) Bassike Resort is an urban cool reminder that there's an unwatched episode of HBO's The Leftovers on my DVR at home. I've been obsessed with this show (all 4 episodes of it), and have been kind of mesmerized by the Guilty Remnant cult, with their all-white outfits and non-speaking chain smoking stalker demeanor. I'm not typically into all white though. Whenever I see an all-white or super light monochrome outfit on a runway or a lookbook, my mind just immediately translates that monochromatic color into black. The key to Bassike Resort 2015 being so kick ass is the ability to make such slouchy long layers look so cool. 

Déja vu

Is this a zoomed-out view of the other post about the Everlane Petra Portfolio? Yes. But I'm not feeling well right now so you'll have to bear with me because I like these photos and I'm questioning why I didn't include them in the initial post to begin with. I'm tired and sick because I just pulled a 74 hour week last week working on a pitch (we won!) and I'm now facing the consequences. This outfit is about the only creative thing I can muster lately, which is sad. But I'll be back on it the wagon soon.