Weekend Muse: Freja Beha Erichsen

Elin Kling/The Wall
What a gorgeous shot. Freja and Style Heroine are really compelling reasons to go back to brown. (Trust me, this constant indecision over hair color is killing me too).

On the fence: Mansur Gavriel Sunshine Yellow Interior Bucket Bag (Help Me Decide)

I originally thought I wanted a black bag. Not a bucket bag either, but a special black bag. My mind was on some sort of anonymous looking, yet quality-feeling, tote like the Petra from Everlane, but my mind was foggy, confused. Maybe it's time to buy things that aren't black, I said to myself. Mind you, it was also week #3 of 60+ hours at my crazy workplace, so imagine my surprise when I saw the hard-to-get Mansur Gavriel bucket bag on Needy Supply Co.  a) in stock, b) in tan/brown, c) with the most adorable sunshine yellow lining. I jumped on it and bought it, knowing that these are pretty much the hardest bags to get a hold of in this very moment.
The question remains: do I only want this bag because it's so hard to get, or is it a genuine thing of beauty that I'll use over and over?
Someone, anyone, please help me decide. I've been working 60+ hour weeks and my mind is jelly. Would you keep it? Would you wait and trade up for something else? What would that be?  

The Uniform

ZARA top, THEORY trousers, ZARA trench, TARGET tank, THIERRY LASRY sunglasses