Return of the Ma(nsur Gavriel)ck

MANSUR GAVRIEL mini bucket via PourPorter

I know what you think: This bag is frivolous and completely unnecessary, not to mention expensive — and I agree with you. But for some reason owning this bag, in this combination, was so important for my personal style that I was willing to part with other pretty things from my closet in order to afford it more readily. 

Why? Because I wanted to own a bag that was special, dammit. I'm a city-dwelling girl and I like pretty things. and as much as I want to be this minimalist person that eschews labels and logos in favor of homegrown pretty things, I can't deny the desire for pretty designer things. Yup, I own a sea of totes now in a variety of sizes (more on this later) which are super perfect for work and practical errands, but I wanted something more dressy and frankly a little more desirable for when I don't carry a laptop. I wanted something renown for its design and recognizable, but I was definitely unwilling to pay for the price of a Céline trapeze or Chanel Boy bags, and I was really tired of spending $80-$150 on Zara bags that give out after a few months. (Disclaimer: There's nothing wrong with owning any of those "it" bags, I just don't think I could deal with the fact that $3,000 will be forever in one bag. A purse. A leather thing I put on the bathroom floor of bars when the hook is broken. That's not to say that if I had the means to get one without breaking the bank in the process I wouldn't do it in the future.) 

So why the Mansur Gavriel mini bucket?

Because I already owned the Mansur Gavriel large bucket bag for about a week before realizing I wanted it to be smaller and black. So shoot me if I jumped at it the second I saw it in stock at Pourporter. I have no regrets so far, though I will have to modify my fall purchases now in lieu of this trendy splurge. But hey, as you have seen when I'm over an item it's basically yours for the taking on my Tictail shop.


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Wear this Now: Vactionland


2 weeks until vacation. Say it with me: Yassss. So I spend my time daydreaming about frolicking on the beach in expensive cover ups that are completely impractical for my life.

I will be skipping on this Stone Cold Fox silk dress because I just won't get enough use out of it with the Bay Area weather to justify the price, but that doesn't mean I won't highly recommend it to any wild child in Southern California.

"Nothing Fits Me. WTF"

This was just a couple weeks ago in a crazy cool, comfortable and sleek minimal outfit. It's a winner in my book because in it I feel pretty great, even despite the crazy unattractive, über comfortable Zara sandals — which coincidentally are what makes it feel so freaking trendy. So it's crazy how much I loved this outfit on the weekend I wore it and how fast I forgot it existed without this photographic evidence now. WTF? I can't tell you how many morning's I've relived this epically accurate scene This Is 40 fending off my crazy morning emotions and bubbling frustration tears while I stare at the sea of monochrome colors in my closet. Without this blog TumblrPinterest to remind me that I wore successful outfits sometimes I think I'd just never leave the house.

THEORY silk pants (medium), ZARA sandals (6 1/2), J.CREW blazer (US 4), TOPSHOP tank (Medium)