Sick Sick Sick Days

I've been sick for the past four days with what feels like The Most Epic Cold/Flu I've ever had. I basically walk around my house every now and then after the umpteenth nap of the day and push shit around my house in an effort to feel useful, basically the equivalent of what I do with each bland-tasting meal I have twice a day. So enjoy this photo I snapped of my bag last week, when my brain functioned long enough to attach a faux fox tail to my Mansur Gavriel mini bucket bag. 

 I think it's kind of cute. Like those Fendi fur animals, but you know, a thousand times cheaper and more animal friendly. 


I think this jacket has always been pretty bad ass, now in a tan shearling combination it's even better. Too bad the price tag is absolutely outrageous.

Grandpa's Shoes

My everyday shoe for the past two months can be easily confused as my grandpa's shoes. You can always go to client presentations with Vans on, sometimes you have to look presentable. Grown up, even. Why not index way older then? I got them in one of J. Crews 25% off bonanzas, so when there is another promo I suggest snatching these up because the quality is real nice. Just get them one full size smaller though as they run real long. These are pretty similar, you know, if you wan't me to get a commission or whatever.